farewell to fredshouse
baking christmas lizzies
alison krauss & robert plant
neal stephenson's anathem reading
selling the sixth deadly sin
burning down the house...
it cuts like a knife (but it feels so right)
blackbird banned at gaming confab: "too bloody powerful"
like hope but different
hope (yes we can)
the sky remains
going to bristol for mscapefest '07?
separated at birth?
blackbird rising
in silicon valley, millionaires who don’t feel rich
the killer app for the iphone?
why the apple store rocks customer experience
san jose grand prix
dream theater @ berkeley
a cold dark night with margo timmins
gabriela y rodrigo, guitars on fire
so you thought you might like to...
must-see tv: copyright and fair use explained with disney clips
sony's flexible color display
pics from the maker faire 2007
sign o' the times: ubivending
scooterman -- you drink, we drive
some of today's finest guitar heroes
john petrucci @ G3 2007
somewhere over the canadian rockies...
context-aware mediascape service launches
hmm, this looks interesting
the coming age of enraging technology
black sabbath and megadeth ripped the night open
jon stewart, josh marshall and bill moyers triple threat
new k2 skates
we call it the physical hyperlink
'ere be dragons: a context-aware pervasive game
beer: the best beverage in the world!
hey it's juan soto on the scoble show
opt out of advertising network spyware
oops, forgot to blog
don't go away mad...
$1.87 million in virtual goods
the internets are my ninja weapon
mybloglog's descent into spam
help find Jim Gray by reviewing NASA ER-2 aerial imagery
stolen: magnum of 1959 Chateau Petrus, life
view the daily front pages of over 500 newspapers
concept video: the future of pervasive games?
trying out jaxtr
suddenly my day sucks
videos of 20 greatest guitar solos
five things you might not know about me
TILT: the battle to save pinball
regine & nicolas interview adam greenfield
six degrees of kevin bacon, redux
gene's readme on future trends in gaming
don't go away mad...
phantom vibes
a lovely locative diversion
sure, i need more storage, but hey seagate, here's what i really need
some more placecasting and neogeo stuff for ya
don't go away mad, just go away
interview with Elan Lee, ARGmaker extraordinaire
seven great gifts for that geowanker on your list
go amuse yourself
thinking long from Second Life
looking for something?
call for proposals: where 2.0
don't call us sensible
the bluetooth ball
alison krauss & union station in san francisco
a fur peace from my home
ed johnson plays nokia research gig
mobile 2.0 next week
is common courtesy dead or what?
bobcat sighting
return of son of i want my google data privacy
calling planet google
reducing fear is the killer app
i want my google data privacy some more
"I want my Google Data Privacy"
do not play this game if you value your sanity
regarding web 3.0
emmylou harris at hardly strictly bluegrass 2006
james nash & bobby weir at hardly strictly bluegrass 2006
t-bone burnett, emmylou harris & elvis costello at hardly strictly bluegrass 2006
jack casady & jorma kaukonen at hardly strictly bluegrass festival 2006
t-bone burnett & g.e. smith at hardly strictly bluegrass 2006
i'm a bit worried about this google thing
a convivial bunch of geowankers
hp has a new blogger...and a new gaming business
fred has a blog, but it doesn't have a house
dash: new in-car gps & networked platform
mark hurd interview with peter burrows
ubicomp 2006 blog roundup
as the stomach turns
DIY speaker series & blog at USC Annenberg Center
mediascapes: create-a-scape launches
mytago: yet another mobile 2D barcode service
smartpox: viral or virulent?
kaywa: another mobile 2D barcode service
smartpox: mobile barcode service
remembering 9/11
great vernor vinge talk at AGC
ce n'est pas art
flexible light emitting shirts & furniture, must see
where are all the hp bloggers?
go wish alex a good birthday
oh boy, here we go
in search of HP Way 2.0
great service experience at BMW mountain view
some reasonable questions to ask
the damage is Dunn
wtf hp?
some placecasting-related bookmarks
gombe chimpanzee geoblog
anime music videos
more discussion on AOL search data ethics
jail time for publishing tabs & lyrics
finding new stuff with mybloglog
thoughts in passing
you're on notice!
EFF: how to keep your search history private
debate on ethics: should web search data be stored?
the ethics of the AOL search data disclosure
invisible5: environmental justice on the I-5
google local coupons -- will this work?
terra future conference
a few blogs from well-known musicians
i want your face
survival research labs opens san jose lablet
the chilling effect of the AOL search disclosure
Guy is a purple cowasaki, heh!
insight machine: genealogy of influence
AOL discloses 650,000 AOL users' search data
something to do if you're bored in San Francisco
geotagging photos is officially over
dreamhost: hot or not?
a few notes from NPUC 2006
the enlightenment is under attack
got democracy?
memory spot
of oceans and amphibians
so this is a sabbatical
tom tomorrow's nsa posters on ebay
IDEA 2006 design awards wishlist
stormy brains thinking big thoughts
will wright & brian eno
dude, you're getting a third degree burn!
are you a search size queen?
HP sponsors a Sun conference, heh!
this is your fredshouse on websites-as-graphs
the portrait of infinite regression
ubicomp 2006 workshops
hot tuna & friends autographed guitar on ebay
got radar?
hp aims for edgy
torture is unamerican
insight machine: the sunlight foundation
context-aware life coaching services
toward a ubicomp reformation?
friend artiste
placecasting is not 'proximity marketing'
national gallery: edward vi as a child by hans holbein the younger
ce n'est pas une advertisment
insight machine: rightweb
making ubiphotos with a camera blogject
things that matter
the internet of people, places and things and various other stuff
stupid broken software
i'm the spime
so close you can smell the stench of corruption
danah boyd and bill o'reilly, together at last
apparently prayer doesn't help heal people
there must be a word for this...
resisting the moral panic over myspace
craving ubu
fundraising auction at WPS
creature from the blog lagoon
picking up the pieces
the medium that is eating the world
cyberspatial reading
what if it's not the end?
"cyberspace" is dead?
supporting interspecies social awareness

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