February 1, 2007

view the daily front pages of over 500 newspapers

This is really amazing: the Newseum site provides high resolution images of the front pages of 565 newspapers from 55 countries, updated daily.

BostonGlobe-sm.jpg  IRAN_JEJ-sm.jpg

The sense of extreme local context that you get from scanning these papers is a quality of newspapers that is largely absent from news on the Net. But the reach of major events that impact globally is also fascinating to see when spread across dozens of newspapers, for example in the Newseum archive of front pages from 9/11/2001.

When it opens in Fall 2007, the physical Newseum in Washington DC will include a gallery of these front pages arrayed on large displays, which should make for a compelling exhibit. But I hope they continue to push the envelope with the online version, as it could become a very powerful interface to our enormous small world.

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