photos & cameraphone pics


April 2000 (Espoo, Finland)
April 2000 (Bristol, UK)
April 2000 (Holland, NY)
May 2000 (Chicago, IL)
December 2000 (Xmas)


January 2001
February 2001
August 2001
September 2001
November 2001
December 2001


January 2002
February 2002 (Yosemite)
March 2002 (London & Bristol, UK)
April 2002
May 2002
August 2002
September 2002 (Goteborg, Sweden, Ubicomp 2002)
October 2002
November 2002 (Amsterdam, Stedlijk, Rijksmuseum, around the city)
December 2002 (Yosemite)


January 2003
March 2003
April 2003
April 2003 (Las Vegas & Utah, Gene's pictures)
April 2003 (Utah, Dominic's pictures)
May 2003
June 2003
May 2003 (cameraphone pics)
June 2003 (cameraphone pics)
July 2003 (Tokyo, Japan)
August 2003 (San Luis Obispo, CA)
July 2003 (cameraphone pics)
August 2003 (cameraphone pics)
September 2003 (cameraphone pics)
October 2003 (cameraphone pics from Computer History Museum)
October 2003 (cameraphone pics from Ubicomp 2003)
October 2003 (other cameraphone pics)
November 2003 (cameraphone pics)
December 2003 (cameraphone pics)
December 2003 (Yosemite)


January 2004 (Tahoe City/Truckee, CA)
January 2004 (cameraphone pictures)
January 25, 2004 (skating cameraphone pics)
February 2004 (cameraphone, digital and scanned film photos from Maui, HI)
March 06, 2004 (skating cameraphone pics)
March 18, 2004 (cameraphone pictures from Porto Alegre, Brazil)
March 20-26, 2004 (cameraphone pictures from Windsor & Bristol, UK)
April 2004 (Greek Easter)
April 2004 (San Luis Obispo)
June 6-10, 2004 (cameraphone pictures from London, UK and Paris, France)
June 6-10, 2004 (real camera pictures from London, UK)
June 11-17, 2004 (cameraphone pictures from Paris, France)
June 11-17, 2004 (real camera pictures from Paris, France)
September 10-13, 2004 (Fur Peace Ranch, Pomeroy, OH)
September 14-17, 2004 (Adirondack Mountains and Lake Placid, NY)

I got my first digital camera in April 2000, an Olympus C2500L. I got the HP Photosmart 618 as a speaker's gift at a conference in 2001, that was a total surprise! The 618 is cool because it has audio recording capability. I stopped using 35mm film entirely sometime in 2001, although I have frequently missed the resolution, color fidelity and dynamic range of a good film/camera system. I started making cameraphone pictures in June 2003 with the Nokia 3650 futurephone, which has been a source of some amusement. Just at the end of 2003 I started using a Canon 300D Digital Rebel, a totally incredible photography machine. I think I won't miss film much anymore.

You'll probably find most of these photos a bit boring, unless you know the freds. Even then, YMMV. Umm, there's no cameraphone pr0n here, but you folks that are so inclined can still look if you don't believe me. I retain all copyrights to the images on these pages, so please don't take them elsewhere. Technically, you can link them inline in your pages, but it's bad form to do so without attribution. I'm thinking about going to a creative commons model, but that's in the future. Not that you will care anymore because of it, heh. Well, enjoy.