May 19, 2007

scooterman -- you drink, we drive


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May 15, 2006

got radar?

Here's a new entry in the social networking / fun with cameraphones category: Radar. It's from an SF startup called tiny pictures, including Cal ubicomp researcher Scott Lederer (who's been neglecting his blog lately, now we know why ;-).

As you may know, I've spent the last year holed up inside a tiny startup, hammering away with a fantastic team on a new cameraphone picture-sharing service. This week, we came up for air...

Radar gives purpose to cameraphones. It's a subtle purpose and isn't immediately apparent. But once you pass the hurdle of posting your first few pictures and inviting some close friends, something starts to happen. You smile. You laugh. You poke and prod. Because you're communicating -- casually, genuinely, non-verbally -- with the people that understand you, that matter most to you, from near or far.

Anyway the beta just launched, sign up early to get your preferred nick (I'm on there as geno). It looks promising, although the team appears to subscribe to the model of releasing early and (hopefully) often, as radar's functionality is fairly basic right now. I haven't tried the java mobile client yet, maybe that will make the posting and commenting process more friendly. If you decide to try it, friend me so we can share our tiny lives ;-D

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