December 11, 2006

some more placecasting and neogeo stuff for ya

Still no original information here, but do visit these nice neo-geography sites while you're waiting...

* Drop Spots -- Spy novel dead drops for the Random Acts of Kindness crowd. "To create a new Drop Spot, find a hidden nook or crevice in your neighborhood to tuck away a simple gift you would like to share; perhaps a poem, photograph, favorite quote, or mix CD—something fun that represents you. Then log on to to map and describe the secret location of your gift so others can find it."

* Platial blog -- Neogeo web service Platial seems to be having more fun than most of the fledgling geo sites I've seen.

* -- In case you hadn't seen it yet. Writer Steven Johnson tries his hand at starting up.

* geoGreeting -- I'm not going to try to explain, you just have to see it (but it can be slow so wait for it).

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