August 4, 2007

the killer app for the iphone?

One month into my iPhone experience, I have to say that Google Reader is the killer app for this juicy little telefruit. Actually I suppose I should say, other people's ideas are the killer app, but Reader on the JesusPhone provides a very elegant conduit for bringing those ideas to my brain. What's really great about this is, now I can easily keep up on my feeds in those empty interstitial moments (waiting in lines, riding the train, walking the dog) instead of when I'm sitting at my PC supposedly working, paying bills etc. It's pretty much addictive, and I use it way more than any of the other apps on the current iPhone deck.

It seems like Google is detecting the iPhone, because the Reader interface on the iPhone is different than the normal mobile version of Reader. It also appears they are adding features to Reader to enhance iPhone use. For example, I noticed that the list of feeds changed from a simple list of text links to a formatted list of text links with graphics for the number of unread items, sized nicely for the screen.

At first I was a bit disappointed because there was no "share" button to add items to my link blog. But a fews days later, "share" became a standard part of the interface at the bottom of each item. Thanks Googlers, that was a great addition. I love it when web services get better like that. Anyway, now you will see a lot more stuff flowing through my link blog (feed) as I am reading a lot more feeds and sharing a lot of interesting things.

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