February 7, 2007

mybloglog's descent into spam

I've been a member of MyBlogLog since pretty much the beginning, and I used to enjoy the small-community feel of the service. But now that it has achieved some reach, it is becoming a spam magnet. First it was the spammy messages inside the service -- "come check out my new pyramid scheme". Then it was the friend collectors with their thousands of contacts, very often promoting their splogs and spammy little scams. And now it's the widget spammers, like "online-pharmacy" and "free-apple-iphone" who run automated scripts to get their icons into the MBL widgets on as many sites as they can (or as Scott Rafer named this practice, "widget-hogging"). Yes, you can delete these spamicons, but I already have enough work to do, keeping the comment and trackback weeds out of my garden.

It's sad to see this happening, yet another tragedy of the Internet commons I guess.

Posted by Gene at February 7, 2007 12:04 PM | TrackBack