August 19, 2006

finding new stuff with mybloglog

So this MyBlogLog Communities service is starting to grow on me. The idea of a social network for blogs looks like a useful way to find interesting writers outside the memestream of the bigg aggregator sites. One problem with the Long Tail is that it's so, well, long; MBLc helps with that by making it easier to find sites that are popular with niche audiences. Sure, you can join BoingBoing or Valleywag, but you already knew them and there's not much value add in joining their communities. On the other hand, in a few minutes of surfing around MBLc I found these fine sites:

Stochastic/Page 3.14, the SEED guide to science blogs

warrenellisdotcom, writer Warren Ellis' sequel to dearly departed Die Puny Humans

Bitch | Lab
: undermining feminists and feminism since 2005

Mmm-mmm good. Now go away and find your own new stuff.

Posted by Gene at August 19, 2006 9:59 AM | TrackBack

Gene --

Thank you for the awesome post. I'm glad you are finding fun sites outside the mainstream. You've already found that surfing the profiles of your neighbors yields interesting results. Once 10 of your readers join your community, we'll tell you what's popular with them elsewhere on the web. And we're going to continue to improve the ways that you can use our site to discover new places to surf. Cheers!

Posted by: Eric Marcoullier at August 19, 2006 6:45 PM
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