May 19, 2006

ubicomp 2006 workshops

The CFP for workshops at UbiComp 2006 is out, and there are some pretty intriguing possibilities including my personal favorites:

Making Ubicomp Approachable: Interaction Design for Augmented Objects, Pervasive Image Capture and Sharing (Mirjana Spasojevic and Mimi Ito, so this one should be a good user-centric, fun-with-cameraphones workshop),
Ubicomp and the City, and the edgy-sounding Exurban Noir:

"The Exurban workshop seeks to include a wide range of risk-taking urban practitioners that will undertake a two-day active exploration of exurban noir. Whether we like it or not, as urban designers and researchers we are contributing in unknown but significant ways in choosing our future technological urban lifestyles. Are we making it better or worse? For whom? And when? With Orange County, the ultimate in exopolis, as a backdrop, we will collectively undertake this challenge of understanding the relationship between future technology comforts and social discontent."

More on the UbiComp workshops page. See you there?

Posted by Gene at May 19, 2006 2:11 PM