October 30, 2006

is common courtesy dead or what?

Okay, I have low expectations when it comes to telemarketers. I know that the phone droids that make cold calls are measured on maximizing successful leads and minimizing time spent on dead ends. But when did it become reasonable for telemarketers to just hang up on you as soon as it is clear you are not a prospect? I mean, they start out all warm and friendly, hello mr. becker, how are you today? and so forth. Then I tell them no thanks, and click, into the void. Really, it just pisses me off.

Fortunately, I know who to be mad at, because today's telemarketer told me who she was working for. This afternoon, it's that fine publication Information Week, published by CMP. Hey Information Week, when your low rent marketing sub-subcontractor calls me at work, reads me the full dossier of my personal contact information from their screen, tries to push a free subscription into my mailbox, and then hangs up on me when I decline, well, you know that reflects on your brand perception, right? At a rational level, I know that's not how you intend to treat your customers. But at an emotional level, I now have a mental note that your brand "sucks".

"OK, thanks anyway. Goodbye". Would that be so freaking hard to say?

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