March 01, 2005

so where's my ubi-museum browser?

SFMOMA has a nice website up that complements the current retrospective exhibit of Robert Bechtle's work, adding depth, color and context to the artworks on display. I'm going to load it up on my tablet PC and bring it with me to the gallery.

And then I'm going to wish they had wifi in the museum so I could just browse it directly, and that they made rich contextual media to go with *all* of their collections, and that I could have it all just happen when I'm standing in front of the art. Oh wait, we've been talking about this for years, so why am I still wishing?

I have long believed that a web-augmented reality would be broadly useful in the world, but that it would emerge first in the museum community, where content, curation, and containment made it easier to get started. Well here we are in 2005; wifi is cheap, mobile gadgets are everywhere, web designers will work for food, and art isn't dead yet. So what's it going to take, to get this simplest of ubicomp services to fly?

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I heard from my sister-in-law, Denise Sobel, that Williams is going to be doing some interesting stuff on European architecture.

But I was wondering why a faculty member from Williams had to go to Europe to capture the images...then I slapped my forehead and said, "d'oh!" field trip!!

Posted by: liz at March 15, 2005 10:11 PM
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