August 30, 2004

david byrne on fire

david byrne

Unexpectedly, David Byrne put on the best show of the summer. It was surprising and mesmerizing, in that quirky, jumpy, innocent, artful way that Byrne has made his oeuvre for, egads, 27 years or so. It was new work and old favorites, but the new things were so good I wasn't sure which I liked better. It was get on your feet and go wild dance music, and even the usually moribund Saratoga crowd was out of the chairs for much of the night. Some of us still had the legs for a bit of pogo... I tried to remember the setlist below, and I think I got most of the songs, but I guarantee it is in no real order of performance. Except the opening piece that is; what can you say about a band that starts with a song they had never played publicly before, and it turns out to be One Rainy Wish?

David Byrne & Tosca Strings, Saratoga CA 8/24/04

One Rainy Wish (Hendrix)
Glass, Concrete and Stone
I Zimbra
Nothing But Flowers
UB Jesus
The Great Intoxication
Like Humans Do
Psycho Killer
Un de Felice, Eterea (Giuseppe Verdi)
Life During Wartime
Road To Nowhere
Once In A Lifetime
What A Day That Was (from The Catherine Wheel)
This Must Be The Place (Na´ve Melody)
Finite = alright
Everyone's In Love With You

If anyone has a more definitive list for this show, do enlighten me please!

Thanks Francey for this Useful Reference:

Thanks RC for superior accompaniment ;-D

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