May 27, 2004

where's a moblogger when you need one?

An unusual newsstand headline caught my eye this morning: "Rodin sculptures used in protest of treatment of Iraqi prisoners". Some of the life-sized groupings including "Adam and Eve" and "The Burghers of Calais" at Stanford were behooded ala the images from Abu Ghraib:

Hoods were found on a combined total of four sculptures at Cantor, including Adam and Eve, on Thursday and Friday mornings. The sculptures had black plastic bags placed on the heads and rope tied around the necks. In addition, chalk graffiti stating “Rumsfeld was here” was written on cement in front of the Gates of Hell and the Adam and Eve sculptures on Wednesday.

Unfortunately the Daily doesn't seem to have gotten any pictures of the scene. Surely someone out there must have seen this and snapped a few choice images? Don't the perpetrators have a blog?

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