October 15, 2003

some impressions of ubicomp 2003

I was going to write some moderately unkind things about Bill Mitchell's conference keynote "Me++: The Cyborg Self and the Networked City" (which turned out to be a plug for his new book of the same name), but Anne Galloway already speared him, so I just dropped a comment over there instead.

I'm still disappointed with the overall quality of Ubicomp. Although the accept rate for papers is quite low (<10% this year, I think), I feel the quality of the papers is nonetheless spotty. Arguably, this year's program was better than last year's, however, it was still well short of what we should be doing given such a rich and potentially world-changing field in which to work. This is even more puzzling to me, since I know that so many of the community are vitally creative, productive, and talented researchers. Hmm, need to think this one through...

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