October 15, 2003

cameraphones on CNN

CNN is running a story right now on cameraphones; the story angle is *gasp* the potential for invasion of privacy. Bill Hemmer is interviewing a moblogger named Gary Dann, trying to pin him down on whether his picture of an overweight woman buying Weight Watchers is in fact an intrusion. Gary seems unrepentant, and disappointed that he didn't get to talk to Paula Zahn.

Here's the transcript of the show. It starts near the bottom of the (long) page.

DANN: Why did I start documenting with pictures? I just thought it was a really interesting idea. Camera phones, they've only been out for about a year. It's a new technology. Basically has the potential to change the face of modern photography, just the same way color photography did, and digital cameras did. It's gone from your typical person taking a roll of film at their cousin's birthday party, for instance, and putting it in some drawers, you know, after they develop it, to people taking pictures throughout their day and making a daily journal of precious moments of their life.

And hey, here's Gary's fotolog, courtesy of the omnipotent Google...

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