November 21, 2005

fretboard journal #1


Here's a juicy new magazine for fans of fretted instruments, musicians, and their music: The Fretboard Journal. Issue #1 has pieces on David Grisman, Rev. Gary Davis, and Santa Cruz Guitars, among others. Looks like a gotta-have-it subscription to me.

The Fretboard Journal is an archival-quality, quarterly publication celebrating the culture of fretted musical instruments. We chronicle the most innovative instruments (mandolins, banjos, ukuleles and—of course—guitars) and instrument makers of the last 150 or so years; the best players; and the most interesting tales from the world of music. In addition, each issue boasts stories from the working musician’s perspective and never-before-seen photography. Basically, we’re the nerds in the guitar store who love sharing a yarn with fellow players and this is our outlet.

[via the ever-scintillating boingboing]

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