October 06, 2005

jonathan schwartz at web2

Jonathan on utility/grid computing (rough paraphrase as usual):

We're going to open up our $1/hr grid service soon, just around the corner. It has taken us longer than we hoped... When you look at a financial services company that wants to do high end monte carlo simulation, youíre talking about a 500 page contract on a deal for 10,000 cpus, on an airgap network, integrating with their infiniband, etc. Our initial mistake was thinking that was the belly of the market. But the commercial, self-service on the web with paypal model looks more attractive. We saw an interesting rush of demand last couple of weeks in Texas with hurricane Rita, oil & gas companies wanted to get their work into our grid, they didnít have time for 500 page contracts, and we sold out the initial infrastructure. The economic opportunities are much more attractive in the next generation of the business (grid) than they are today (box business).

Jonathan on blogging:

Transparency is a competitive weapon. I provoke, but I am never unauthentic. Iím very careful what I say, as an executive officer of Sun. I have certainly caused a few coronaries in the Sun legal department. Legal doesnít read my posts before I publish them, though one of them would like to, heís called the general counsel. Heís got my cell phone instead.


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