September 28, 2005

rudy rucker: futureware

Rudy Rucker is one of my absolute favorite writers, thanks to his brilliant and twisted *ware series. That stuff really bent my brain, highly recommended to fellow scifi fans. Anyway, he gave a talk this week at the IFTF futurecommons event, and I missed it, argh! Fortunately, Rudy posted extensively on the event and has a podcast of the talk. How posthumanly cool is that?

I gave a talk at a think-tank called the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto yesterday, for a group called the FutureCommons that meets there once a month. It was a nice alert audience; I felt happy to be among tech dreamers. Michael Liebhold introduced me. He's into this cool new thing called "locative media", which involves computer realities that are pegged via GPS to realworld locations.

My fellow author Howard Rheingold was there. He decorates his own shoes with spatters of acrylic paint. He says he used to draw patterns, but with splatters, you don’t notice when bits chip off. Before my talk, the group of maybe fifty people stood in a circle and played an encounter-group game. Good old California.

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