June 04, 2005

a fine night at the fillmore


It was a good night of Hot Tuna under the chandeliers at the good old Fillmore ballroom. One set acoustic, one set electric. Jorma was having fun and it showed in his playing, which was sparkling and occasionally incendiary. Jack was really getting into the electric tunes, and Barry Mitterhof lit up the mandolin on several noteworthy jams including a very hot Parchman Farm -> Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning combo. Their timing was a bit mushy in spots, not sure if they could hear each other well enough in the acoustic part, but nobody seemed to mind. Young gun Erik Diaz from Akron Ohio laid down a tight beat in the second set keeping the band a bit more in line, but he had to be the youngest on the stage by a factor of 3! I don't know if it was the crowd, the venue, or something else, but the music was *way* better last night than at Saratoga. Of course not having an 11pm curfew might have something to do with it (they played until 1am last night). Jorma's got some notes and the set list posted on his site as well.

First (acoustic) set: Hesitation Blues, Blue Railroad Train, Waiting For A Train, Parchman Farm -> Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning, Iíll Let You Know Before I Leave, How Long Blues, Genesis, Breadline Blues, Uncle Sam Blues, Embryonic Journey, Good Shepherd, A Life Well Lived, Thatíll Never Happen No More

Second (electric) set: I Wish You Would, Living Just For You, Serpent Of Dreams, Talking ĎBout You, Rock me Baby, Corners Without Exits, In The Kingdom, Canít Get Satisfied, Day To Day Out The Window Blues, Bowlegged Woman, Been So Long, Water Song, Hit Single #1, Funky #7.

Encore: Come Back Baby

RC: thumbs up...Geno: thumbs up. Don't wait for the DVD, go see this show LIVE.

Posted by Gene at June 4, 2005 11:38 PM

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