May 04, 2005

the ito-fisher effect

A couple of intertwingled items involving people and places I admire and you should know about. Drink deeply, it's good.

The USC School of Cinema & Television's Interactive Media Division is graduating it's first crop of MFAs, and the students will present their thesis projects next week at Pass Through. These look like very cool works, I really wish I could be there for this event instead of the 3-day meeting I'm obligated to be stuck in. Congratulations Scott and the entire graduating class!

Update: Putting 2i and 2i together, I just realized that one of these folks is the guy who spent last summer at the Labs, working on custom television. Also worth noting, all of these students have blogs. Izzat a department requirement or what?

Congratulations are also very much in order for Mimi Ito of the USC Annenberg Center and Peter Lyman of UC Berkeley SIMS (of "How Much Information" fame), who will be co-PIs on an enormous $3.3M grant from the MacArthur Foundation to study young people's use of digital media. Research themes to include: 1) How are communications networks - the mobile phone and the Internet - changing the scale, scope and dynamics of kids' social worlds? 2) Technologies of the Imagination: Production and Consumption of Knowledge. 3) Play and Gaming. Watch closely folks, this is going to be a good one.

[via we make money not art and the Interactive Media Division weblog]

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