September 10, 2004

the people's candidate


Well, at least the candidate for the people where I am right now. Jorma's not teaching this weekend, but he did drop by for the afternoon, riding his black Harley with this fine campaign logo. He looks and sounds great, radiant and centered. Vanessa said he was going home to clean out the gutters, Jorma added he was going to use a big steel leafblower to do it, heh!

Can I say that, at least for today, Meigs County, Ohio is paradise? Warm summer weather, rolling green hills, cicadas buzzsawing in the trees, guitar music in the air everywhere. Umm, so paradise is just a little intimidating with all of the good musicians here, but we newbies are just doing our best and trying to soak up some new concepts and new licks. I must have played for six hours today, my fingers are rather tenderized.

Did I mention that Michael Falzarano has the patience of a saint? To spend all that time with working with our group, it must be hard to stay focused and energized, but he's really been great. What a privilege we have been given.

Note to self: must learn some campfire songs.

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