August 24, 2004

i love bees

So back in July, a movie-style trailer for the upcoming release of Halo 2 runs in (some) theaters, and at the end of the trailer the URL becomes for just a moment. Around that same time, a guy in the Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) community gets a package of honey. After that, the fall:

Since we don't have much time left, here's a Letter to Halo fans and QuickStart Info for Newbies

ILB ARG wiki (can be quite slow, bee patient), including ILB game guide and the distilled story so far:

Dana's blog

A parallel plot timeline summary

The coordinates list

August 24, 2004 9:02 PDT 37.429111 -122.141966: that's tomorrow morning folks, at the California Ave. CalTrain station, it would appear...

UPDATE: A small group of us gathered at the location. There were two payphones (the apparent vector for clue transmission today is payphones around the country), one of which rang at 9:02am. A recorded message played, I didn't get to hear it. The guy who answered the phone tried to speak our password at the right time, but it was not accepted. Failure; the axon did not go live, seemingly lots of other locations had similar experiences. Too bad, I was expecting someone to show up in elite covey armor handing out preview discs, but it was just another obscure clue. Kind of fun to hang out with ILBers for a few minutes, though.

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