July 26, 2004

two things about jorma kaukonen

Well maybe three things.

Jorma runs a guitar camp called the Fur Peace Ranch ;-D I'm going there in September for a workshop with Michael Falzarano. It's "only" a beginner class, but I'm practicing like hell because the place is going to be wall to wall with really good players, and I want to learn absolutely everything my fingers can soak up.

Break Down Way is a new website where Jorma, well, breaks down his songs in a multimedia format. Although the cartoony graphics aren't much to my taste, the lessons themselves look amazingly good. High quality streaming video & audio, multiple camera angles, synchronized graphics and text, good tabs of the songs -- really innovative. It does cost, and you do need a fast net connection, but it's pretty tempting. Must...practice...more...

Jorma has a blog, or journal, or something, but whatever you'd like to call it, it's gentle, funny and heartfelt:

Tuesday, May 11, 2004 Hillside Farm, Meigs County

Last Thursday they ran the final episode of Friends. Now I'll admit that I probably watch too much TV, but I never got into Friends. I just had too many other really important forensic dramas to keep up with. I did watch on this night though. I knew that Embryonic Journey was up for being used somewhere in the final episode. I sat through the first hour of repeat snippets and then launched into the second hour, eschewing CSI. What a sacrifice. Anyway, as 2200 approached the show was winding down and they still hadn't played the song. I was starting to figure, "Oh well...' when in the final scene they played the song which continued over the credit roll. I felt a burst of pride that a song on an early Jefferson Airplane album that was written before most of the actors in the show were born was used... Not only used, but used well. I thought it really fit. My old friend Spencer Dryden called me to congratulate me on this blessing and we had had nice long talk. That was one of the many good things that came out of this event.

And as I'm poking around I see there's a tour diary too, w00t! Okay, that should keep us all busy for a bit. Enjoy!

(In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that the first show I ever went to was an Airplane concert in Syracuse NY, around 1968. My dad was a fan and he brought me along. I remember the big hall was not very full, and the music was so loud that I made my dad sit with me way in the back of the auditorium. So you could think of that as one of my formative experiences, heh!)

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