May 14, 2004

much ado about...knitting?

I love the way the web makes communities visible, that you had no idea even existed. Case in point: web goddess Amy's new blog threaded thoughts, where you can discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes...into extreme knitting, purling and the arcana of the fiber arts.

I frogged the extra two rows as well as the row where I should have increased originally, and then did it again.

Back to starting the fair isle. Quickly I run into two things. First, with the number of stitches I have, the pattern won't be centered or symetrical as written, which seems odd. And, the repeat of 6 doesn't work properly with the number of stitches I have since they aren't divisible by 6.

So, you can't just read the pattern left to right on the purl side.

Amy, I tried running this through babelfish, eep it didn't help ;-) But a warm welcome to the neighbloghood anyway! Now if you can just get Megan blogging we'll really be in good shape. You've got MT running, so how hard can it be?

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Imagine my surprise. I stop in at Fred's House for my daily philosophical mobility read, and I find myself a subject. But, I check the date and find that, oh no, I actually got noticed the day before I found enough hands-not-holding-screaming-baby time to start transforming the look-and-feel of my site. Presentation, presentation, presentation. Goes right along with content, content, content. So, take another peek - you might find the on-the-road image familiar. (Shhh.) Thanks for the welcome.

Posted by: Amy at May 17, 2004 01:08 PM
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