March 31, 2004

imagining a life

That nice Halley Suitt did the nail on the head thing today. It really got me, in that shock-of-recognition, lump-in-the-throat sort of way. She went for a walk, and stumbled on ground truth.

I've been thinking about how we all spend so much time having a life that seems to be the kind of life other people have -- get up, get breakfast, get dressed, go to work, get there at 9:00, leave there at 5:00 or 6:00 or whatever, come home, eat dinner, watch TV -- and I suddenly found this really sad. That we come to this earth and that's all we can come up with for a life.

I live that life, and it's really not so bad. There are people and places, rituals and rewards in that life that stir me and challenge me and make it all worthwhile. But now and then I rediscover something about myself, some hidden marker that points off in a different direction. I've been pretty good at ignoring that bit so far, but someday I'm going to follow it.

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