March 11, 2004

lindholm's lifeblog

The Beeb covers Christian Lindholm's LifeBlog project.

"The mobile telephone is becoming a life recorder," said Christian Lindholm, former head of user interfaces at Nokia and now the man behind the Lifeblog project.

"People are gatherers," he said, "somewhere deep in the genes there's something that tells us to collect stuff."

"I would like lifeblogging to become a verb. "

Here's a nice (but large, 10MB!) .ppt from his ETCon talk last month.

Christian is one of the big reasons why Nokia's handsets are nicer to use than any other personal devices, with the possible exception of the iPod. He invented the original Navikey, and led the design of the Series 60 UI; both of these are really great innovations. (But, umm, Christian, that circular keypad on the 3650, what was that all about? I love the style of it, but after nearly a year I still have to look at it when I text or dial...)

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