February 26, 2004

froogle goes wireless

From those restless minds at google labs, here's the new Wireless Froogle. It's coded in WML, so your futurephone browser should lap it up like a dog loves spilled milk. I tried it out on my nokia 3650, it seemed to work fine although the product listings didn't have active links to the sites that were offering them. Maybe because those sites will be crap (at best) on a phone? Anyway, a fun little toy. The URL for your phone browser is http://wml.google.com.

Now all they need is something like a cameraphone barcode reader. This company mitigo was eaten by another outfit, international wireless corp, whose site is now also kaput. Guess this is an example of an obvious idea whose time has not yet come. Too bad, because google actually does a credible job of dereferencing barcode identifiers, especially the ISBN ones on books.

Just by the way, you can also get a tiny version of the main google engine suitable for your phone or wireless pda, at http://www.google.com/palm. Extremely useful for modern nomads.

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