February 04, 2004

hey google, shout out!

A shout out to some old friends, hey where all y'all been hiding?

Mike Kraus, mikeobaby, I thought you were coming out West this week. The left coast just hasn't been the same without you! Jeff Vaughan, my old partner in crime from F-M days, downhill racer, pingpong savage, partier extraordinaire, where you at these days? Bill Wishart, sixes of Bud and radio baseball down by the old Erie Canal, RPI guy and Supertramp fan, do you still drive that Chevy Vega? Carolina Arango de Ruiz, la chica de Lesley College, dear friend and wise soul, teacher and mother, where? Doug MacIntyre, I lost your email address again but you come to mind every time I hear an Iommi riff...ping me and forgive me for losing it yet again. Jon Knott, pride of Muscatine, three degrees of MIT and who knows how many more, we all wonder where you went next. Jeff Arnold Ziffel, and MPC, you too. Are you still up there at Tech Square? Work? Life? Kids? Inquiring first floors want to know. Bennett Baker, o Beanie, don't you ever google yourself? Evan Fraser Klein, long long time since that trip to LA to see you with Dwight, and I'm sure someone at House 5 still has the EFK memorial paraphernalia collection in their careful stewardship...

So what's it going to be, folks? Gone forever, tra-la? Or maybe a long overdue catchup of too many years? Hope it's not the tra-la thing ;-)

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