January 06, 2004

quarantining dissent

This article, "Quarantining Dissent: How the Secret Service Protects Bush From Free Speech" ran in the local SF Chronicle Sunday and is now on the SF Gate website. It is a must-read.

"When President Bush travels around the United States, the Secret Service visits the location ahead of time and orders local police to set up "free speech zones" or "protest zones," where people opposed to Bush policies (and sometimes sign-carrying supporters) are quarantined. These zones routinely succeed in keeping protesters out of presidential sight and outside the view of media covering the event."

Do these people really say the words "free speech zone" without irony? I know we live in the age of political Doublespeak, but this is truly infuriating. It's one more, particularly stark example of how the Bush administration is destroying the values of this country in the name of national security.

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