December 10, 2003

Bazaar Campers start a moblog

The quite cool Bazaar Camp Silicon Valley is going on now, and they have started a moblog on textamerica.

"A Bazaar Camp is the ultimate doing-focused event for real developers: those who "do" and code. We call it a discontinuity event because the idea is for you to bring your application with you, work on it 60 hours straight in the best environment imaginable, turbocharging your creativity and productivity and to come out with discontinuous improvements in your apps."

Unfortunately it isn't happening in the Valley after all, they up and moved it to Finland:

"...the majority of the delegates for the Camp USA are from Europe. It seems the level of interest from Americas-based developers for doing mobile entertainment solutions was not yet quite where we hoped it to be. Therefore we decided it would just make more sense to have this event in Europe so everyone will not need to travel to the other side of the globe."

I was disappointed to miss Trip Hawkins' keynote, although he probably won't be spilling any serious beans about his stealth wireless gaming venture Digital Chocolate. If anyone out there is blogging this event, leave links in the comments please!

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