December 03, 2003

mpulsive behavior

You should go read the December issue of mpulse, it's really a good one. Interviews with David Weinberger on Small Pieces, Wirelessly Joined and Trip Hawkins on mobile gaming and Digital Chocolate, building "Reality Enhanced Gaming Experiences", and a surprisingly well-informed piece on mobile phone etiquette. Fun stuff from cover to cover. (But how does one become an international expert on mobile etiquette, I wonder?)

mpulse is one of the good side effects of the cooltown program at HP Labs (so I'm hardly unbiased); it's produced by my pal, web goddess Megan Taylor, who is another person who by the way should really get a blog. Megan, you getting this? Anyway, check it out, I think you'll enjoy it.

Update 3/03/04: fixed broken links from the cooltown site move.

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