October 23, 2003

Todd Rundgren comments on the music industry

Legendary musician Todd Rundgren wrote a clear-eyed screed on music and the music industry in the Hollywood Reporter. "Music is a sacrament", he begins. Four words that cut to the heart of the matter; okay, got my attention already. He goes on to say, "The mechanisms of music, how and why it affects us the way it does, are still mystical even to a cynical older record producer like myself." Funny, when I say that kind of thing it sounds so, well, mush-headed. It has become rare to hear this kind of unironic sentiment expressed in any venue; maybe mysticism has fallen out of fashion in the postmodern period. Of course, Todd also has a few more mainstream things on his mind...

The reason why the RIAA comes off as a gang of ignorant thugs is because, well, how do I put this -- they are.

It's a good read, whether or not you think he's God.

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