August 14, 2003

blah blah

I did an interview on M2M (machine to machine) technologies for this consulting company Focal Point, guess it got published (URL will probably break soon, doh). Mostly the corporate technostory, but I got to say a bit about moblogging ;-)

"Personal mobile devices are going to continue integrating communication, computing, imaging and sensing technologies at a rapid clip. My phone today has a decent VGA camera, captures audio, stills and video, does MMS, 2D games, Java, IR, Bluetooth, and stores 256MB, and that's not even the state of the art. With a few button pushes, I can publish text and multimedia to my personal weblog in almost real time. I'm guessing that significant volumes of devices will integrate WAN and WLAN, streaming media, GPS, tag sensing, biometrics and other features within 2-3 years, at which point the services will start to get very interesting."

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