August 10, 2003

fixed, plus

Two truck rolls, one router upgrade and a NAT toggle later, DSL appears to be fixed. SBC turned out to have competent support staff every time I called, so props to those folks. But ouch, the startup pains. I can't imagine what it must be like for a non techie to deal with this kind of complexity, wrapped opaquely in gibberish. Although I've been repeatedly surprised and amazed at how much techno-adversity people will endure in order to get the benefits they want from the Net.

It's old news now, but it always seemed remarkable to me that in my family I'm the only card-carrying member of the techno-elite (heh, means I got an engineering degree), but it was my mom that started up an eBay business, my grandmother that became a dedicated webTV email correspondent, my uncle that had the first domain name in the family, and my aunt who met her boyfriend online. Well, I just work here I guess ;-)

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